Living in Kyoto

Useful guides and information for Kyoto Expats from Maeda Real Estate

MAEDA REAL ESTATE assists the HR departments of foreign companies and expats living in Kyoto not only with housing information but also with a variety of daily living information for expats in Kyoto.

Recreational Facilities in Kyoto

While many people may spend their time in Japan visiting all the must see spots and restaurants, there is more to do in Japan than sightseeing. For those looking for recreational activities to enjoy in Kyoto, we have a list of recreational facilities that might just help.   Recreational Facilities…

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English-speaking Hair Salons in Kyoto

We here introduce English speaking hair salons for foreign residents in Kyoto and the neighboring areas. One of the many difficulties you might have faced living in a country speaks language other than your mother tongue is meeting a right hair stylist who could understand and see what you really…

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