What is Maeda Real Estate?

Maeda Real Estate was founded in 1965. During the economic boom, we became aware of the residential needs of foreign expats and quickly cultivated a rental business to deal with such needs.

Since then, we have been leading the market, serving as an agent that goes beyond acting as a simple intermediary to helping owners and tenants overcome communication gaps. Since our establishment, Maeda Real Estate has garnered acclamation from tenants and owners alike and has managed over 1,000 households for foreign residents. In recent years we have also been proactively providing high quality housing to Japanese citizens aspiring for an international standard.

Since 2001, we have been supporting real estate demands for trust beneficiary rights and have built up experience as property managers to maximize real estate value. With that experience and know-how, we have earned the appreciation and trust of business owners and real estate companies.

In addition, we are entrusted to provide rental services that break down cultural and language barriers to answer to the growing demands of foreign business owners overseas.