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House of Kaike
Yonago City, Tottori

  • Address : 4-2-16 Shinkai, Yonago City, Tottori
  • Layout : Office + 5LDK
  • Floor Size : 229.36m2
  • Price : JPY85,000,000

鳥取県の西側、山陰のほぼ中央。弓ヶ浜半島の根元に位置する米子市。東には「伯耆富士」とも呼ばれ、山麓地域が日本遺産に認定された国立公園 大山(だいせん)、北に日本海、そして西にはラムサール条約に登録された中海があります。

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How We Present the Kobe, Osaka, and Kyoto Property You Want to Rent Out

Our professional photographer will take pictures that highlight all the attractive points of your property.

We can also take VR pictures. This allows customers to explore the property remotely by viewing 360 degree images.

Consulting Services for Renting Out Your Kobe, Osaka, and Kyoto Property

Maeda Real Estate’ consulting services employ our expertise to help you understand the best way to set prices competitively, along with other forms of advisement.

Rate Assessment for Your Rental Property

We calculate rental rates by using our database of over 30,000 properties and current market prices. This allows our rent assessment to be precise and up to date.

Average Rental Rate of Standard Expat Properties in Kobe and Osaka.

We provide proposals with attractive listing conditions and rent prices that suit the current market in order to make your property competitive and profitable.

The Listing Process for Renting Out Your Property in Kobe, Osaka, and Kyoto

If you are considering either selling or renting out a property, our consultants, who are familiar with both markets and have excellent experience, will assist you throughout the process and will propose the best option in order to manage the asset’s value optimally.

Maeda real Estate Support Services for Renting Out Your Kobe, Osaka, & Kyoto Property

When renting out your property, Maeda Real Estate will provide dedicated support throughout the process of tenancy.

Leasing Contract and Move-In Process When Renting Out Your Property

Leasing for the first time? Leasing to Japanese tenants? Rest assured. Our experienced bilingual staff will provide you with total support. We assist in the screening of applicants for validity, preparation of the lease agreement, move-in inspection, explaining garbage disposal procedures, how to use the equipment, move-out inspection, and continue assisting you until the restoration fees are negotiated and the deposit is returned.

Lease Period Services While Renting Out Your Property

If the owner wishes to outsource the management of their property during tenancy, Maeda Real Estate’s Management department will assist by providing tenants a safe and comfortable living environment on behalf of the owners. Our support covers services such as collecting late rent, arranging repairs for equipment or devices, maintenance of the building, property management (PM), Asset Management (AM), preparing management reports, and more.

Property Management in Kobe, Osaka, and Kyoto.

End-of Contract Inspection Services & Renting Out Your Property to New Tenants

Upon the moving-out of a tenant, our staff will inspect the rooms of the property by comparing the room’s condition against a move-in inspection report. On behalf of the owner we will arrange restoration work and conduct a deposit settlement. At the same time, we will suggest advertising the room in order to get a new tenant.

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