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Luigi Mezzasoma

President and CEO Diesel Japan co.Ltd

My experience with Maeda Real Estate I’m an Italian CEO expatriate in Japan (not able to speak Japanese...) to manage the Japanese subsidiary of the mother company. I have to really say thank you for all the support that I have received from MAEDA REAL ESTATE to set up my accommodation in Japan.

In the beginning, they found for me a very special and convenient temporary location to give me the time to make the right choice about my permanent accommodation. They were super clever to understand my needs and taste and in a short time, they found for me a perfect house. They take care of everything: contract for utilities, rent of the furniture, cleaning and I was able to enter in the new house easily and with the pleasure to turn the key open the door, enter, go to my bedroom and find my bed already done..... perfect.

During this four years, I had some small, "normal" needs an accident at my home. Just one call, or an e.mail and Maeda Real Estate in a very short time was able to fix everything. I fell really relax and safe.

About the service in general .... We are in Japan and the standard is very high, but Maeda Real Estate is top class in terms of kindness, professionalism, punctuality and I would really recommend them to everybody will need Real estate service in the Kobe area in Japan.

J.L. Bonnier

CEO Universal Studio Japan

Transitioning from the USA 3 years ago, Maeda assisted our family in finding a house and getting settled here. Maeda has been very responsive to any concerns or questions we have had with our house.

We’ve been very satisfied with Maeda and grateful for their help as at year 2018.

Family of Christoph Penkhves

Managing Director Recaro Child Safety Japan

I first met an employee of Maeda Realestate at a German Reception, held with the General Consul of Osaka (2015). The Company was strongly recommend to me in case of moving (Even from the Italian General Consul of Osaka).

Some months later, we decided to move to Kobe and found a beautiful house in Sumiyoshi with Maeda! Mrs Yamaguchi gently listened to my requests and also in my mother tongue Italian! She is flexible and immediately understands the need of expatriates. They could understand our needs and found the perfect location for my family. They support us even in repairing or maintenance of Building and Garden.

The house is perfectly build! We are happy with the building, location, and service from Maeda. We have a great neighborhood, all clients of Maeda. I strongly recommend their company to Japanese returnees or international citizens. Thanks Maeda my staying in Japan turn lovely and my family will stay longer then scheduled!